If you have been sold or inherited faulty cavity wall insulation, we have an online form to decide whether you are eligible to make a claim.

Initial criteria must be that you are over 18, provide 2 forms of identification (one of which must be photo of yourself on an official document) and be the home owner, we will also ask about your credit status. If you have bought the house and the previous owner had the CWI installed prior to purchase, then with your house deeds should be a BUFCA (British Urethane Foam Contractors Association) certificate or CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) Certificate which is a 25yr guarantee. If you didn’t receive one then you can contact CIGA directly to send you a copy of the original.

If you have the name of the company that installed the CWI and knowledge if they are still trading that helps speed the process too. It is important to let us know if you noticed the damp prior to the CWI being installed and if you have already made a claim through CIGA.

In some cases after a cavity wall has been filled signs of damp may not show until a few years later, so keep a record of when it was installed. It is also advantageous to assess if the value of repair is to be more than £10,000 – usually if two or more rooms are affected – on average a cavity wall extraction would cost £3000.

Once you have filled in the form and all required data has been approved, a representative from The woburn Partnership will contact you either my email or a phone call.