Does your home suffer from any of these problems?

• Damp, mould, dry rot and mildew appearing on the inner walls
• From inspection you have noticed airbricks or vents being blocked
• Cold spots in your home even though you have insulation and heating is on full
• Your respiratory system being affected such as wheezing, prolonged coughing etc

If you have experienced any of these after having cavity wall insulation installed, then you may be one of the thousands of homeowners whose insulation has been installed incorrectly.

If left untreated wrongly installed cavity wall insulation can also lead to structural defects in the building, causing cracked bricks and ‘spalling’ also known as ‘freeze-thaw’ in the wintertime.

Fortunately badly installed cavity wall insulation under professional guidance can be safely extracted and removed, leaving the property free of damp. We can advise you regarding adequate compensation to cover the cost of inspecting your cavity wall insulation, diagnosing any issues and to carry out the extraction of the failed material.

But won’t my energy bills go up once you remove the insulation?

If the insulation was incorrectly installed initially then ironically it has probably cost you more compared to not having it at all! Trying to heat a cold or damp room would have used more energy. In some cases the cavity wall even after extraction of failed material can be reintroduced to a more suitable alternative, solving previous problems and reducing energy bills, we can advise you on this procedure.

Cavity wall insulation is a great energy saver but only when installed by a reputable company into an appropriate property improving comfort and reducing energy bills.

This is were we can help. If you have suffered any of these symptoms and believe it to be a direct result of your cavity wall insulation then do not hesitate to contact us now!