Because of bad workmanship in cavity wall insulation, hundreds of thousands of properties will have experienced damp issues in their home, here is a list of signs to look out for if you suspect you may be one of these cases.


Is caused by moist air condensing on walls, particularly in rooms with a lot of air moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Look for mould particularly around glass and window frames if ignored this can damage paint, woodwork and plaster. Double glazing and poor ventilation can exacerbate the situation even further. Older houses that were designed to ‘breathe’ with the addition of cavity wall insulation will increase the problem.

Rising Damp

Is caused by ground water moving up through a wall or floor. Most walls and floors allow some water in, but it’s usually stopped from causing any damage by a damp-proof.You will notice damaged skirting boards and plaster, peeling paint and wallpaper also a white powdery substance on the ground which are the salts from the groundworks rising up.

Penetrating Damp

Is caused by water leaking through the walls. This may expand across your walls or ceiling. Faulty gutters, roofing and cracked exterior brickwork or internal plumbing may be the causes. However inadequate cavity wall insulation will only make it worse. Look for damp patches on walls that go darker especially after rainfall.

Did you know that some of these insulation materials can also be removed and your property restored to its original intention? This is were we can help. If you have suffered any of these symptoms and believe it to be a direct result of your cavity wall insulation then do not hesitate to contact us now!