With cavity wall installation a problem that sometimes can occur is what is known as interstitial condensation. This is were the inner leaf of the wall after insulation becomes much warmer and in fact pushes condensation away from the inner wall. This is because the original design of the building was for it to actually ‘breathe’ and has become too air tight for moisture to pass to escape.

This can cause condensation to form inside the cavity because the dew-point along with warmer air gets forced back into the cold outer wall, settling in the brickwork. During winter time this moisture held inside the bricks can freeze, expand and crack your brickwork.

In time this can cause expensive brickwork repairs, and also with smooth render or pebbledash push the exterior surface actually away from the bricks, causing a symptom known as “hollow render” or “blown pebbledash”!

You may consider a quick fix to be a resin based water proofed exterior paint or damp roof wall coating, however this is only addressing the effect and not the cause. The answer is to speak to us about fixing the cavity wall insulation itself.

Did you know that some of these insulation materials can also be removed and your property restored to its original intention? This is were we can help. If you have suffered any of these symptoms and believe it to be a direct result of your cavity wall insulation then do not hesitate to contact us now!